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Runescape News

29/12/2015Christmas in Pt RuneScape task 4

What better way to celebrate Christmas than our task finale? Join us, and who stole Christmas to Christmas back Gielinor, and pinch the penguin to celebrate the last episode.
The next game update will be January 4 - an awesome game party to celebrate 15 years of RuneScape. Be sure to sign in and participate in the celebration and look forward to next week (January 11) in, have the opportunity to try RUNESCAPE classic!
Full details of all the behind the scenes to find out in January 2016 and the Declaration MOD behind Mark is coming up.
Read on to learn more about how this is going this week!
Quantum Solstice | Christmas mission - Part 4
So, you saved the day (of course, Santa Claus), but Christmas can not continue until the Penguins' plot foiled once successful, you'll make it to Santa's nice list - to earn himself a close game penguin onesie !
Remember: If you do not have the chance to play Christmas task is not only to jump in the game and speak to snow imp in Prifddinas, Burthorpe or Lumbridge lodestone. Catch up with all the latest stories unravel Christmas activities.
You have until January 4 update completes Who Stole Christmas pressure.
There is a fantastic holiday, so check your advent calendar some really good gift, let us know your thoughts on the forum.
Goodbye! Rs 07 Gold
25/12/2015Why Old Academy is acceptable added like RS3

It is nothing special. This is survival of the fittest just adapt. Gap international RS3 and OS are receiving narrow everybay, because a lot of players do not perceive they absolutely want to play old school. They just escapism who do not want to face not only in RuneScape, the avant-garde and not just MMOR ** However, the Tibetan and Chinese all online games. This becomes accessible, if these players began to say 2007scape, instead of the old school. They do not want to be old school. They even want to avant-garde graphics.

OP has always liked players who are willing to analyze the old (school) and modern. Some credit is accurate, for example, it is not a habit robot, a liar and add the black sheep in the RS3 accept not confused old classmates. Of course, there are the same players who artlessly say players like OP's too painful, and although they can not give a mind, why the old academician is acceptable sample RS3-RS gold.

I do not expect humans charging controversy. If it comes to survival of the fittest adjustment, which is not up to individuals who wish to F2P players, bonds, new updates, avant-garde graphics, event, time constraints and other projects in the old school. This is absolutely not up to them. They either accept the consequences go with the breeze and adapt to new environments diet choice ...... or abroad no longer comply with like dinosaurs.

You are wrong, I was actually there when they were originally taken out Chargeless ...... barter and wilderness, many humans had to abandon some of them ...... ALT accounts, power, skillers and blow The goldfarmers.

However, they startled when they put some of the father has taken place; it is not above admeasurement as removed. A lot of abdication of human people who either do not want to PK or people who do not want Chargeless barter appear shocked, because all the problems that came with it (beggar RWTing, fraud, etc.). This is not a huge accident for the reduction of the two.

But we are not talking about this day, they recognize it. As we are talking about it again and EOC added. If they remove the chargeless barter and wilderness pking bead is about moments. Second Pearl spent three years, added step by step.

It hoped that mankind did not want to comply with the beggars and betrayal, even rwting. They can not deal with is not acceptable to get the dragon (EXP blue), and additional resources. These are domesticated unanimously by the robot, which is absurd, in order to obtain a wealth of resources. skillers months or so over the discussion.

Then there has been increased, and add actions associated with the mini-games to get accustomed to the human ability to huge EXPS, they never did. This weakens their achievement is accepted others to obtain these things alone time baby atoms.

Rs 07 Gold

So much painkillers came. jagex accustomed to humans plus money than teachers in the absolute activity and special operations forces and their ability to purchase. Tibetan and Chinese colleagues to join multimonth annoying jagex just in front of us and enrich buy a few months in advance. By the time our employees ran out, humans gave up the EOC.

22/12/2015 Will Release More Information About Zeah

Zeah will be released to RUNESCAPE 7 January 2016 Rsgp4u said. So, now is the time for you to buy the 2007 Gold on preparation.

Some of you want to know how many tasks will be released to Zeah. In fact, there is no task for the first Zeah? The first part Zeah of large Kourend, will be announced in a month's time. After Zeah release, old school team will poll to see how many of society's more hope Zeah.

They will reveal more information about the new continent later. So, if you want to know more, come quickly You can always buy the cheapest RS gold to help you.

Rs 07 Gold
18/12/2015My pin tires weaponry

Currently, the torch was added to the restaurant, and tried again interrupted me back. In RuneScape harpsichord got up and asked scary, the room filled with smoke explosion old classmates RS gold and left. I find it easy, it's not a small town, want, especially if you might be put, while on the road, perhaps even more perfect, inputs, while on the road lazily. The people are right brush in the whole palace surging is great, so invisible knights in battle and the instigator, but in the open air is likely to be affected. Intended to town, either regular exercise, which, with respect to the safety of the roof or cover, or a straight fight back. The restaurant after the event, I hope to find a little more story, so I try to stay away from the main street. There is a small courtyard features a fountain filled with many small place like this, with flowers to go up on the wall. There is a small shrub pruning wood barrels manner. Two people watching a regular occurrence in too easily, I went to France for conversion, but they look good. Maybe he offered her flowers. I pursue all the way across the new bridge robber, and he saw the floor to talk about me, I found myself in the community never patronize logo.

The structure has been published in the surface, the door is better, lighter, decorative figure, directing my collection and bottles of wine in the basement. According to the link, women are standing clear water washing and powerful combination, and one way or another, so I can hear the difference is not so sad heavyha ??nded must feel. Then there is your time to work on the roof, after a strange voice. This is interesting to me eternal life. Become a brilliant control, just one second, and jump on your window, re-converted, at the wrong route. Speech that do not, unfortunately. clock. I panicked, conversion, jump clear of a road and cut right in the world. Budinger revolutionaries, roads, buildings and banners and performances, bars and guillotine and trimming, watches, kittens and market stalls in London.

Rs 07 Gold

My feet tire weapon. He did not let me speak, then sabotage in RuneScape, but there are more holidays. Jacques de Quidt writers and writers who produce high plant in RuneScape activities and spoke some Streamfriends videoRunescape action. You can find it not tweet NotQuiteReal. Cityscape speculation row 15 and rising aspirations insert many mobile operators and appropriate meal consumed more subsidiaries in each wine and food, and increased skills. The same is true legal action and beverages such action should always food festival. Everyone should carry over and motivation, rather than overcome, on the other hand. After several months of investigation Alcohol Action Dead slaughter, drinks writer and all RuneScape Billy Brown and stroll alcohol encyclopedia Jerr Ballard found the couple and some drinks with some operations in RuneScape. New search Looking RS 3 gold appropriate bottles of wine to enhance your game play experience. Efforts, we know. First EA Sports Madden 15 closed up, Phil's SIM card.

15/12/2015Bossing and Hunting at Winter Weekend

To prepare for later this month to catch their own food, this winter weekend will be packed with the following bonus game and hunting Bossing RuneScape gold.

Improved boss drops from the following aspects: Kalphite Kings and giant nevus. Rare reinforcement ring fell more opportunities and wealth. Charm fall more than usual charm. 50% increase base slayer XP. Slayer task group often double points.

During the weekend, all assignments killer, the killer used VIP tickets to watch, for example, 10% cheaper costs. From the perspective of the boss additional training.

This winter will run December 18 this weekend held 12:00 UTC 12:00 UTC time, to December 20.

Rs 07 Gold
11/12/2015Clan Celebration Month

The RUNESCAPE development team has announced the official clan celebrations month now in full swing, through April 3. Developers are the best aspects and shine spotlights species within the range RUNESCAPE clan promising month adventurous prominent clan system. In addition, the developer also announced that the next bonus XP weekend will be held March 11.
"Our players are a huge proportion of family members in the game, they play a huge role RUNESCAPE communities," said Paul Meyer, Community Manager at Jagex RUNESCAPE he said. "Some of our big family owns more than 4,000 members, so it's really exciting that we can focus on a whole month to celebrate them. For those in the community who are not family members or who want to find the clan It is on, then this is the perfect time to do a start! "

Rs 07 Gold

08/12/2015Outfit on my RS3 acct

 Adventure accepted greater than the target. Although I sometimes touted himself any adaptations 99 in the game, the adventure is RuneScape gold per year it makes it so.

Whenever I really expect me to accept manufactured and finished my patience goals, something new is always visible, and require my attention. For RuneScape 3 it is alive a maximum value, which is still in progress.

In the old school in RuneScape is 99 Runecrafting, to re-start another year to see how the rich 99 I could get there.

Fourth Tibetan and Chinese began to take me somewhere poverty which has been alternately loud noise, a basic experience.

Two versions I tend to cast among the RuneScape, because they're both so rich means change, but in reality the father did not add bold Tibetan and Chinese fascinated me like RuneScape.

If you see me in simple clothing and Skilling stove Aqueduct hat not me is a little sentimental ...... once, if the number of projects to warn my first acquaintance of RS ( He did not play a lot of hours) low like (6 or 9 I accepted) to give me clothes and hat, so I was at the time I wore matching ...... about 10 actor rich Zammy ...

I accepted my RS3 subjects ornaments when I wear it, Skilling ...... I advise a lot of appreciation for the projects it .... I told him I add my eight years ago, we still talk ...

Rs 07 Gold

That kid is probably still play today..there rich tactile my shocking human adaptation, why I have not been troubled by the rich personal level.

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