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RS 2007 Item and Stuff

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Runescape Items

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3rd age mage hat$6.51
3rd age platebody$70.46
3rd age platelegs$42.10
3rd age range coif$4.68
3rd age range legs$10.29
3rd age range top$21.23
3rd age robe$16.45
3rd age robe top$37.43
3rd age wand$180.01
3rd age druidic cloak$1057.94
3rd age druidic robe bottoms$2147.45
3rd age druidic robe top$2147.45
3rd age druidic staff$780.86
Twisted Bow$873.90
Inquisitor's great helm

Inquisitor's hauberk$154.28
Inquisitor's plateskirt$206.95
Inquisitor's mace
Eldritch orb$29.87
Harmonised orb$847.06

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